In our institute we offer three-year (six semesters) diploma courses in:

1. Civil Engineering (65 students per year)
2. Mechanical Engineering (65 students per year)
3. Electrical Engineering (65 students per year)
4. Electronics & Telecommunications (45 students per year)
Total number of students is nearly 740 in all the three years. Many of our students are from villages and also from needy distressed families.

Awakening, inner transformation of the students – We help the student to get secular education to earn his living and also inspire him to inculcate good habits like Honesty, Purity, Unselfishness, Ahimsa, Sacrifice, Chastity and Humility through the association with the Monks in the Ashrama. With the faith in inherent inner strength and purity the student gets established in his professional life, improves his family condition and also takes care of the financial needs of his relatives. Moreover, his strong commitment for Truth inspires the people associated with him for higher life. Our students are always ready to help the people in distress.

The Institution has well equipped laboratories, PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) & Industrial Automation Laboratory, Hydraulics & Pneumatics Control Laboratories and CNC machine workshop.